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Welcome to Open-Xchange Bugzilla

that helps the Open-Xchange's engineering teams to track and resolve
errors or unwanted side effects. If you are already a member of the
Open-Xchange community, please submit and track your inquiries here.

If you are an Open-Xchange customer,
you have specific support level agreements where you are obliged to file bug reports via
e-mail to our support engineers. Please check our support page for information how to
report issues. The benefit to customers is that reports are handled as regular support tickets
which are validated by the Open-Xchange Support Team and provide you progress updates.

Please note:
Response times cannot be guaranteed nor is there any
resolution commitment for reports entered right into Bugzilla.

For feature requests,
please contact your solution partner or send an e-mail to

Personal data regulations
as a Germany based company, we've to comply with European and German privacy law. To do so, we need to handle any kind of data which may contain personal information (e.g. screenshots, log files...) with special care. The only way we can comply with these laws is using our ticket system. You're not allowed to upload or spread any data that may contain personal information using this bug tracker. Please provide such data via your support contact.

Kind regards,
Your Open-Xchange Engineering Team


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