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APS package: OX APS package for Parallels Operation Automation System with Plesk Integration
APS2 package: The APS 2.0 package for Odin Service Automation
Advanced Server Edition: Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition, including Univention Corporate Server
Chef Cookbooks: Open-Xchange Cookbooks for the Chef automation solution
Data Migration Exchange to OX: Exchange to OX Migration (2006)
Data Migration OX5-OX6: OX5 to OX6 Data Migration
Data Migration OX5-OX6 ASE: OX5 to OXAE Data Migration
Data Migration OXEE-OXAE: OXEE to OXAE Migration Tool
Dovecot DOVEMON: Dovecot director ring monitoring
Dovecot FTS: Full Text Search
Dovecot Obox Plugin: Dovecot Object Storage Plugin
Dovecot Pigeonhole: Pigeonhole to support Sieve (Mail filtering)
Dovecot Pro: Dovecot core software, inc. Dovecot Proxy, Dovecot Director and Dovecot Backend
Dovecot Pro Plug-ins: Dovecot Pro Plug-ins
Dovecot Pro Vault: Dovecot Pro Vault for storing email data, emails and attachments.
IN8: Bugs for IN8 integration components
IN8 Project: Bugs for suppliers components
Mail App: Hybrid mobile App for App Suite
Metroplex: Metroplex
Mobile API Facade: API facade for the mobile clients
Mobile Web Interface: Web-based user interface for mobile devices
OX Abuse Shield Daemon: OX Abuse Shield Daemon
OX App Suite: Open-Xchange App Suite
OX App Suite Engineering Services Plugins: OX App Suite Engineering Services Plugins
OX App Suite Engineering Util Custom: OX App Suite Engineering Util Custom
OX Display: OX Display
OX Drive Files for iOS: New OX Drive App for iOS
OX Drive for Android: OX Drive Android Client
OX Drive for Windows: OX Drive Windows Client
OX Drive for iOS: OX Drive iOS Client
OX Drive for macOS: OX Drive macOS Client
OX Engage: OX Engage
OX Guard: OX Guard
OX Mail: Native Mail App for Android and iOS
OX Protect: Protecting things
OX Tanks: Hackathon Game from Middlewareteam
OX5 Community: Open-Xchange Server 0.8 - Community Edition
OX6 Express Edition: Open-Xchange Server 6 - Express Edition, the Ubuntu based stand-alone OX Server
OX6 LDAP Sync: Open-Xchange Server 6 - LDAP synchronization tool
OX6 Server Edition: Open-Xchange Server 6
OXtender 2 for MS Outlook: Open-Xchange Outlook Connector
OXtender 2 for SyncML: Open-Xchange Server 6 - SyncML Implementation
OXtender for Business Mobility: Open-Xchange ActiveSync Implementation
OXtender for MS Outlook 4: Open-Xchange Server 5 - OXtender for Microsoft Outlook
OXtender for MS Outlook 6: Open-Xchange Server 6 - OXtender for Microsoft Outlook
OXtender for Mac OS X: Open-Xchange Server 6 - OXtender for Mac OS X
OXtender for Mobile Web: Open-Xchange Server 6 - GUI for low resolution and mobile devices
OXtender for PalmOS: Open-Xchange Server 5 - Palm synchronization tool
OXtender for Samba: Open-Xchange Server 5 - OXtender for Samba
OXtender for SyncML: Open-Xchange Server 5 - SyncML Connectivity
OXtender for cPanel: Open-Xchange cPanel integration
Open-Xchange Server 5: Open-Xchange Server 5
PowerDNS Authoritative: PowerDNS Authoritative
PowerDNS Recursor: PowerDNS Recursor
PowerDNS dnsdist: PowerDNS dnsdist
Server Edition for UCS: Server Edition for Univention Corporate Server
Updater: Updater for Open-Xchange client software
Website: Open-Xchange Website
Wizard: Custom installer for OLOX and other Windows client components
eM Client for OX App Suite: eM Client for OX App Suite
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