This system will be decomissioned on 2020-12-01. Learn more.

Advanced Server Edition

Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition, including Univention Corporate Server

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Admin Server marcus.klein Quality Assurance
Admin Server
Command Line Tools marcus.klein Quality Assurance
Interpreter to invoke admin function via the command line
Documentation Univention Bugs Quality Assurance
Manuals and Online Help
Groupware GUI viktor.pracht Quality Assurance
Web Front-End of the OX Server
Groupware Server marcus.klein Quality Assurance
Back-End of the Open-Xchange Groupware
i18N antje.faber Quality Assurance
Internationalization/Localization issues
Installer Univention Bugs Quality Assurance
Installation routines
Other marcus.klein Quality Assurance
OX Connector Univention Bugs Quality Assurance
The Univention to OX connector
Univention Server Univention Bugs Quality Assurance
The Univention Server
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