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Dovecot Pro

Dovecot core software, inc. Dovecot Proxy, Dovecot Director and Dovecot Backend

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Authentication Policy Tommi Mäkelä kim.mujunen
Authentication Policy
Dovecot Backend Tommi Mäkelä kim.mujunen
Reading and writing mails to storage and handling all of the IMAP/POP3/LMTP protocols.
Dovecot Director Tommi Mäkelä kim.mujunen
IMAP/POP3/LMTP protocols and balance load and provide high-availability for the dovecot backends
Dovecot Generic Tommi Mäkelä kim.mujunen
Generic component
Dovecot Pro VAS API Tommi Mäkelä kim.mujunen
Value Added Service API
Dovecot Proxy Tommi Mäkelä kim.mujunen
Frontend IMAP/POP3/LMTP servers for client connections, LDAP lookups for user authentication. Load balancing between Directors and between directors in different sites
IMAPTest Tommi Mäkelä kim.mujunen
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