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IN8 Project

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Admin Portal Generic Univention
Includes the following IN8 modules: Mailboxes, Domains, Products, External accounts, Blacklisted addresses, Booked addresses and Sites.
Tool to manage legal interception by setting trace flags, trace logs and making a mailbox copy/snapshot for the mail user
Admin Portal Statistics Dovecot IN8
Tool for collecting and managing system statistics, mail statistics, server reports, network reports and storage reports.
Admin Portal Troubleshooting Dovecot IN8
Tool for collecting and managing system data from syslog.
Dovecot Chef Scripts Dovecot IN8
Automated deployment for Dovecot
Dovecot ELK Dovecot IN8
Troubleshooting & Statistics
Dovecot External Mail Downloader Dovecot IN8
Download of third party mail contents from remote servers
Mail search function to search mails with different parameters, such as date, subject, from, to, etc
Dovecot Generic Dovecot IN8
To be used if suitable Dovecot component is not found for the defect reported
Dovecot Migration Script sami.ketola
Dovecot Migration Script
Dovecot Notification service Dovecot IN8
Push notification service for e.g. read/unread mails in the mailbox.
Dovecot Pro Backend Dovecot IN8
Reading and writing mails to storage and handling all of the IMAP/POP3/LMTP protocols.
Dovecot Pro Director Dovecot IN8
IMAP/POP3/LMTP protocols and balance load and provide high-availability for the dovecot backends
Dovecot Pro Proxy Dovecot IN8
Frontend IMAP/POP3/LMTP servers for client connections, LDAP lookups for user authentication. Load balancing between Directors and between directors in different sites.
Dovecot REST API Dovecot IN8
Used by other systems to query and receive data from Dovecot Backend.
Open-Xchange Authentication Backend Team Quality Assurance
Integration of OX user authentication with WTE
Open-Xchange Backend felix.marx Quality Assurance
Backend/middleware containing the business logic for a user (e.g. mail, configuration, session handling)
Open-Xchange Chef Scripts carsten.hoeger Quality Assurance
Automated deployment for Open-Xchange
Open-Xchange Conversion Layer felix.marx Quality Assurance
Software stack to translate legacy client XML- to Open-Xchange API
Open-Xchange Documents Preview kai.ahrens Quality Assurance
Open-Xchange Documents Preview
Open-Xchange Generic viktor.pracht Quality Assurance
Assign here if no component seems to match but the defect seems to be related to Open-Xchange components.
Open-Xchange Migration Script felix.marx Quality Assurance
Open-Xchange Migration Script
Open-Xchange SOAP Provisioning Backend Team Quality Assurance
Internal provisioning API to create users, groups, resources, contexts...
Open-Xchange Webmail viktor.pracht Quality Assurance
Web interface and all customizations shown by a browser when accessing the mail frontend
OpenStack Cybercom-IN8
OpenStack infrastructure
Tarent FlowControl Flow Control Bug dispatcher
Routing application providing a bridge for legacy based service API’s to the new ecosystem
Tarent Frontend Flow Control Bug dispatcher
Provides a visual interface in order to trace and handle PVOut related requests
Test Component martin.heiland
Component for sync testing
Univention Generic Univention
When suitable for Univention but component is not clear
Univention LDAP/UDM Univention
Directory services OpenLDAP and Univention Directory Manager
Univention MTA auth proxy Univention
HTTP-LDAP authentication Proxy for MTA
Univention SOAP API Univention
SOAP interface for WS Prov. It includes both Admin and UserPref (Before FC)
Univention UCS Univention
Univention Corporate Server (Operating system)
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